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Trinity Health Care Centre

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Trinity Healthcare Centre currently operates from three sites within Telford: AQUEDUCT, HOLLINSWOOD, and MALINSLEE. The practice is run by Dr S Allen. 

Members of the Clinical team are:

  • Dr S Allen
  • Dr C Effiom
  • Dr J Davies
  • Dr S Parnell
  • SN D Taylor
  • SN A Miller
  • HCA A Bishop
  • K Price (Phlebotomist)


Aqueduct surgery was started by Dr M Ahmed in 1987: he initially worked from a small portacabin and slowly established a single-handed GP practice.  Dr Ahmed retired on 1 April 2007, following which the surgery was merged into what is now called Trinity Healthcare Centre.

The former Bethesda Surgery was established in 1981 by Dr G.S.S Rao: he worked from two sites, Malinslee and Hollinswood, until his retirement on 31 May 2006. After Dr Rao's retirement the surgeries were merged with Aqueduct into Trinity Healthcare Centre.

Malinslee Surgery was established alongside Dr Rao in 1981 by Dr S Zaki Ahmed, who also worked from the two sites until his retirement on 3 September 2006.

About Us

At Trinity Healthcare Centre we aim to provide high quality healthcare to all of our patients. We endeavour to involve an effective team that includes the receptionists, managerial staff, and all clinical personnel in providing a truly integrated service. Traditionally, healthcare has come directly from your doctor, but this is changing as the Health Service in general evolves to include a wider team; we are fortunate to have many highly skilled staff at Trinity Healthcare Centre to help improve your health.

Anyone living within the practice area is welcome to register and may do so by contacting a member of the administration team.

We are constantly under pressure to take on more patients but are concerned that this may have an impact on the quality of our service and unfortunately, this does mean that if a patient moves outside the practice area they will be asked to find a new GP. Areas served by the practice are five mile radius around surgery.

We will endeavour to provide you with the best possible healthcare. In return we would ask that you be courteous to our staff at all times and that you give consideration to other patients who may have more pressing problems.

  • Please do not make unnecessary requests for home visits as they are extremely time-consuming: in the time it takes for a GP to visit you, they could have seen several patients within the surgery
  • Please let us know if you are unable to attend an appointment so it may be re-allocated
  • We reserve the right to remove you from our list should your behavior be abusive or violent to our staff
  • We do not discriminate on the grounds of a patient's race, creed, sexual orientation, or lifestyle
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